The test equipment

JSC" NIIVA" carries out the complex delivery of the metrological equipment for calibration performance of current and voltage transformers.

The controlled current supply ИТТН-3000

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The controlled current supply ИТТН-3000 is intended for supply of the primary circuits of the calibrated and standard current transformers during calibration performance in accordance with GOST 8.217 (PDF, 331 Kb).

Current range2-3000 A
Power consumption, no more 3000 VA
Mass, no more45 kg

The device consists of regulator transformer, auxiliary transformer, the complete set of connecting cables, the service manual.

Standard current transformer ЭТТН-3000/.05

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The standard current transformer ЭТТН-3000/.05 is intended for usage as a working standard in accordance with GOST 8.550 during calibration of the power frequency current transformers with the primary rated currents from 1 to 3000 A and the secondary rated current of 5A accuracy class 0/1 and of the less accurate in accordance with GOST 8.217 by means of differential comparator (КНТ-03, КНТ-05).

Rated voltage 0,66 kV
Rated primary current value 1-3000 A
Rated secondary current 5 A
Accuracy class0,05
Overall dimensions, no more 250x300x100
Mass, no more 10 kg

The set of delivery includes: the current transformer ЭТТН-3000/.05, connecting cable, service manual, the calibration procedure.

Devices for calibration of the voltage transformers