The laboratory of mechanical and environmental tests

The high-voltage apparatus are exposed to various mechanical and climatic loads while in service.

The switchgear is exposed to mechanical loads at performance of closing and opening operations. The live tank apparatus are exposed to wire tension, wind and ice loads.

The following tests are carried out in our laboratory:

For the mechanical serviceability:

  • the performance check and the serviceability check of the mechanisms and devices;
  • the mechanical endurance tests;
  • the serviceability test at mutual action of wire and wind loads of outdoor apparatus;
  • external mechanical impacts endurance tests (vibration strength, vibration resistance, resistance to impact), and the transportation endurance test also.

The electric devices are exposed to the influence of negative environment factors in service. The certain types of environmental tests are chosen due to design features of electric devices and the requirements formulated in the technical documentation regarding an influence of environment factors:

  • upper (up to plus 120°С) and lower (to minus 60°С) values of ambient temperature at operation, transportation and storage;
  • exposure to air humidity (long-term, accelerated, in conditions of dew-fall;
  • exposure to hoarfrost with the subsequent defrosting;
  • moisture penetration.

The tightness test of the gas-filled apparatus are performed by the instruments allowing to determine the leakage not less than 0,1 % per year of the mass of the gas contained in the apparatus.

Depending on design of apparatus and rated parameters we are able to perform the temperature rise test by currents of up to 25 кА:

  • in three-phase circuit;
  • in a single-phase circuit with the "return" bus passing through an axis of the neighbouring pole or along the enclosure of the apparatus under test (at rated current of more than 4 кА);
  • in a single-phase circuit (the apparatus current lower 4 kA and the the mutual magnetic and thermal influence may be neglected ).

The procedure of all test types is governed by the normative documents on electric apparatus and strictly regarded.