Current transformers' laboratory

The current transformers' laboratory carries out the tests of electromagnetic and metrological characteristics of the current transformers of various levels of rated voltage and currents.

The current transformers fall into the category of the instrument multipliers and are characterized, as any metering device, by a number of metrological parameters, the main of which are:

  • rated transformation ratio;
  • rated load value;
  • accuracy class;
  • accuracy limit factor;
  • rated instrument security factor;
  • current error;
  • phase displacement;
  • composite error;

The laboratory is certified on a right of the tests' performance of the current transformers rated for currents:

  • up to 3000 A accuracy class 0,02;
  • up to 16000 A accuracy class 0,05;
  • up to 50000 A accuracy class 0,1;
  • over 50000 A accuracy class 0,5.

The laboratory has a right to perform the current transformers' calibration (certificate РОСС № 0135) of an accuracy class 0,05 and less with an issuance of a certificate of the standard type.

The estimation of current error and phase displacement is made in accordance with GOST 8.217-2003 (PDF, 331 Kb).