High-voltage test's laboratory

The high-voltage test's laboratory of the Test Center of JSC "NIIVA" carries out all high-voltage tests of the equipment rated for voltages up to 750 kV. Two high-voltage rooms are at our disposal: the large one, where the equipment rated for 100 -750 kV is tested, and a small one which is allowed to test the equipment rated for 35 kV and the less.

The following types of tests are performed in our Test Centre:

  • power frequency 50 Hz withstand voltage tests;
  • lightning impulse (full and chopped) withstand voltage tests;
  • switching voltage withstand tests;
  • DC voltage tests.

The power frequency withstand voltage tests may be performed with measuring of PD, tg and radio noises. Furthermore, the laboratory equipment allows to test the individual means of protection, the dielectric specimens, and the coils of electromagnets.

Dimensions of a high-voltage room allow testing the circuit breakers and current transformers rated for 750 kV.