Switching tests' laboratory

The switching performance tests, short-time withstand current tests and explosion-proof tests (for the surge arresters and current transformers) of electrical equipment are carried out in High-Currents' Laboratory.

The most switching tests' laboratories are based on the impact-excited generators. The switchgear rated for 6 and 10 kV, and with step-up transformers - for 35 kV are tested on the test bed of the Test Center of JSC "NIIVA" directly from the impact-excited generator. The interruption of the induced inductive and capacitive currents by the grounding switches of all voltage classes is performed with the transformer connection. The step-down transformers are used during the bus-transfer current switching tests of disconnectors considering the very low voltages (of tens and hundreds volt).

The three-loop synthetic circuit developed together with the St.-Petersburg state polytechnic university is used for testing of switchgear for higher voltage classes. This circuit allows to obtain currents up to 63 кА at voltage up to 500 kV.

We perform the following tests of switchgear.

The short-time withstand current tests:

  • Three-phase, with a short-time withstand current of up to 100 кА and duration 3 s and peak withstand current - up to 250 кА;
  • Single-phase, with a short-time withstand current of up to 160 kA (3 s) and peak withstand current - up to 400 кА.

The switching performance tests:

  • Three-phase for voltages up to 10 kV and current up to 40 kA;
  • Single-phase for voltages up to 500 kV with current up to 63 kA

Localization tests with currents up to 40 kA.