The Test Center of JSC "NIIVA" is accredited by the Gosstandart of Russia on tests' performance of high-voltage equipment as a technically competent organization. The certificate № РОСС RU.0001.21 MB01 (PDF, 871 Kb). We perform the tests of high-voltage equipment according to the accreditation scope.

The structure of the test center includes five laboratories:

In recent years many domestic and foreign manufacturers of an electric equipment have passed the qualification tests in the Test Center of JSC "NIIVA". Our partners are:

  • JSC "Power machines"
  • JSC HVE "Electro apparatus"
  • "ZETO" Ltd
  • JSC "RETZ "Energy"
  • Scientific and research institute of metrology named after D.I. Mendeleev
  • JSC "Nevsky plant "Electroshield"
  • "GC Tavrida-Electric" Ltd
  • "Electrobalt plant" Ltd
  • JSC Production Association "Eltechnika"
  • JSC "New Era"
  • "Polymer-Apparatus" Ltd
  • JSC "Scientific and Production Enterprise Contact"
  • "Union-Electro" Ltd
  • "Stroyenergoservice" Ltd
  • "Russian transformer" Ltd
  • "Petroenergoservice" Ltd
  • JSC "Electropult plant"
  • "NIIZAI" Ltd
  • JSC "Positron"
  • "ZEU" Ltd
  • "Plant "SET" Ltd
  • JSC EF "Juda"
  • JSC "Scientific and Production Enterprise Strimer"

The tests are performed by the highly skilled personnel, with a long-term operational experience, according to the approved national and international standards.